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Disappearing snow increases risk of collapsing ice shelves in Antarctica

A number of floating ice shelves in Antarctica are at risk of disappearing entirely in the next 200 years, as global warming reduces their snow cover. Their collapse would enhance … read more

Antarctic’s Pine Island Glacier in ‘irreversible retreat’

New models predict 3.5-10 mm sea-level rise over the next 20 years. An international team of scientists has shown that Pine Island Glacier, the largest single contributor to sea level … read more

Scientists from ice2sea contribute to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.

Set up in response to concerns that projections on future sea-level rise were not precise enough, the European Commission’s FP7 funded ice2sea programme has increased certainty in this vital area … read more

Mega-canyon discovered beneath Greenland ice sheet

PR No. 10/2013 A previously unknown canyon hidden beneath two kilometres of ice covering Greenland has been discovered by a group of scientists, led by a team from the University … read more

Melting water’s lubricating effect on glaciers has only “minor” role in future sea-level rise.

Concerns that melting water would speed up the decline of Greenland’s ice sheet have been allayed by new research which shows the lubricating effect of water beneath glaciers will not … read more

Press Release: sensitivity of the Greenland Ice Sheet

The contribution of the Greenland ice sheet to sea-level rise will continue to increase over the next 200 years but the balance of processes that lead to ice loss will … read more

From Ice to High Seas: synthesis report of ice2sea

Final meeting of ice2sea highlights sophisticated new modelling techniques to measure ice-melt contribution to future sea-level rise PR No. 07/2013 On Wednesday, 15th May scientists from the major European Union … read more

Press Release: Modelling the effect of climate change on iceberg production by Greenland glaciers, and its impact on sea-level rise

While the impact of climate change on the surface of the Greenland ice sheet has been widely studied, a clear understanding of the key process of iceberg production has eluded … read more

Press release: ice2sea scientist wins award for Greenland ice sheet work

A talented young ice2sea scientist has won recognition for his outstanding contributions to the study of Greenland’s ice sheet. Dr Xavier Fettweis will receive the 2013 Arne Richter Award for … read more

Press release: Summer melt season is getting longer on the Antarctic Peninsula, new data show

  PR04/2013 –  Issued 27th March 2013 New research from the Antarctic Peninsula shows that the summer melt season has been getting longer over the last 60 years. Increased summer … read more