Ice2sea project closes


The ice2sea project has now finished.

The synthesis report “From Ice to High Seas” is an overview of the key findings of the project, aimed at a general audience.

The ice2sea Final_Report to the EU summarises the key findings of the project, and dissemination statistics, etc.

  • 181 papers have been submitted to the peer review process (papers are still being written on follow-up work)
  • 141 papers have been published, at time of writing, and counting.
  • A total of 42 ice2sea papers were cited in the IPCC AR5 report, over the 6 chapters representing 37% of papers submitted!
  • We published 17 press releases (see news)
  • We organised six briefings to policy makers on the outcomes of the ice2sea project and policy implications, in different European cities
  • We presented at 7 events with policy attendees
  • We held 147 internal projects meeting – 102 of which were via video/tele-conferencing (70%)
  • A total of 1493 person months were claimed for the project (additional work paid in-kind) – equating to 125 person years!
  • A total of 151 people were employed on the project, 106 male, 45 female. This included 110 experienced researchers, 20 PhD students, and 21 engineers and technicians.
  • 54 new jobs were created for the project (people specifically recruited for ice2sea)

Although, unfortunately, ice2sea2 was never developed or funded, and many people have moved on, we hope that ice2sea’s greatest legacy will be the collaborations that have been formed – from a previously disparate group, we have developed a community that will outlive the finite length of the project.

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