From Ice to High Seas: closing events for the ice2sea programme

The ice2sea project started in March 2009 and is now coming to its final months. We therefore have a programme of closing events lined up:

Ice2sea: sea-level rise science to support policy makers

This launch reception will be held on the 14th May 2013. It will be an event targeted at policy makers, their advisors, and relevant business and industry representatives. This will be an invitation only event, if you are interested, please contact the ice2sea Programme Office via email. The event will be held at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, London.

This reception will be also be the launch of our final synthesis report:

From Ice to High Seas: Sea-level rise and European coastlines

Our final synthesis ‘glossy brochure’ will be a briefing on key results and policy implications, for a general and policy audience (non-specialist). Copies will be given out to attendees of the launch reception (above), ice2sea members, and stakeholders that have previously interacted with the project. If you would like a copy but have not received one by the end of June 2013, please email us (

From Ice to High Seas: Synthesis of the ice2sea programme

This will be a series of talks by ice2sea scientists, aimed at the scientific community. Whilst the talks will be limited to ice2sea participants, we hope that the wider interested community will be able to attend. Registration is open at (NB there is a registration fee to cover the costs of the teas and lunches that will be provided).

From Ice to High Seas: Future sea-level rise and its impact on London

Public talk – open to all. This will be an accessible (minimal jargon!) talk for all interested audiences. Talks by the ice2sea coordinator and two other ice2sea scientists will be followed by an opportunity to ask a panel of experts about questions you have on sea-level rise, melting ice, flood risks, and impacts on your cities. Details of the event can be found on this poster.

Date: Thursday 16th May. Time: 7pm

Location: Royal Institution of Great Britain, 21 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BS, UK.

Request a briefing

If you would like ice2sea scientists to come and visit and brief your  ministry, government department, or business, within Europe, please get in touch.

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